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ZstoreOptions Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void SetAggregate (Aggregate aggregate)
void ClearAggregate ()
void SetWeights (params double[] weights)
void ClearWeights ()

Detailed Description

Options class used by the ZinterStore() and ZunionStore() methods.

Member Function Documentation

void ClearAggregate ( )

Clears/unsets the AGGREGATE modifier.

The AGGREGATE modifier will be omitted from the command.

void ClearWeights ( )

Clears/unsets the WEIGHTS array/modifier.

The WEIGHTS modifier will be omitted from the command.

void SetAggregate ( Aggregate  aggregate)

Sets the AGGREGATE modifier.

The default aggregation behavior is SUM.

aggregateThe AGGREGATE behavior to set (e.g. SUM, MIN, MAX)
void SetWeights ( params double[]  weights)

Establishes the weight values for the WEIGHTS modifier.

weightsThe array of weight values.

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