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ZrangeByScoreOptions Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void SetLimit (int offset, int count)
void SetLimit (Limit limit)
void ClearLimit ()
void SetWithScores (bool withScores)

Detailed Description

Options class used by the ZrangeByScore() and ZrevRangeByScore() methods.

Member Function Documentation

void ClearLimit ( )

Clears/unsets the LIMIT modifier.

The LIMIT modifier will be omitted from the command.

void SetLimit ( int  offset,
int  count 

Sets the LIMIT modifier using the given values.

offsetThe number of elements to skip.
countThe number of elements to return.
void SetLimit ( Limit  limit)

Sets the LIMIT modifier with values provided by a Limit object.

limitA Limit object specifying the number of elements to skip and the number of elements to return
void SetWithScores ( bool  withScores)

Sets or clears the WITHSCORES modifier.

withScoresA value of true includes the WITHSCORES modifier, false omits it.

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