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ZaddOptions Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void SetExistsOption (ExistsOption option)
void ClearExistsOption ()
void SetReturnChanged (bool returnChanged)

Detailed Description

Options class used by the Zadd() and ZaddWithIncr() methods.

Member Function Documentation

void ClearExistsOption ( )

Clears/unsets any key existence modifiers that have been set.

Both the NX and XX modifiers will be omitted from the command.

void SetExistsOption ( ExistsOption  option)

Sets the NX or XX modifier.

Note: the NX and XX modifiers are mutually exclusive.

optionThe key existence modifier.
void SetReturnChanged ( bool  returnChanged)

Sets or clears the CH modifier.

returnChangedA value of true includes the CH modifier, false omits it.

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