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XpendingOptions Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void SetRange (string start, string end, int count)
void ClearRange ()
void SetConsumer (string consumer)
void ClearConsumer ()

Detailed Description

Options class used by the Xpending() method.

Member Function Documentation

void ClearConsumer ( )

Clears/unsets the consumer.

The consumer name will be omitted from the command.

void ClearRange ( )

Clears/unsets the range.

The start/end/count values will be omitted from the command.

void SetConsumer ( string  consumer)

Set the name of a consumer whose pending messages are returned.

consumerThe name of the consumer.
void SetRange ( string  start,
string  end,
int  count 

Set the start/end range of IDs as well as a count specifying the number of messages to return.

startStart ID of the range.
endEnd ID of the range.
countThe number of items to return.

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