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RespParser Interface Reference
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- Public Member Functions inherited from ArrayParser
void ArrayBegin (int size)
void ArrayDone ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from BulkStringParser
void BulkStringBegin (int size)
void BulkStringData (byte[] data, int offset, int numBytes)
void BulkStringDone ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ErrorParser
void Error (string error)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IntegerParser
void Integer (long i)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SimpleStringParser
void SimpleString (string s)

Detailed Description

This interface serves as a sort of super interface, combining all types of Resp parsers. A class interested in implementing a full featured Resp Parser would implement this interface. This might be overkill for user code though (e.g. a callback handler that expects only an integer), so we have an à la carte menu of interfaces here.

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